Thursday, January 11, 2007

cabin fever

Today's soundtrack:
Chopin's Nocturnes by Daniel Barenboim

They did it. They closed the university. They told me it never happens, that we'll be going to school no matter how cold it was before the windchill.

They lied, and now I have a snow day.

Shame I was already at school, and had basically finished work for the day, but the walk home through the blizzard made for a very Zhivago-esque experience. I now have enough Saskatchistan street cred to complain about the weather (Is it wrong that I don't know the appropriate spelling for "street cred"? Is it "street-cred" or "streetcred"? Does this very fact ruin any chance for real street cred?).

To fully illustrate the insanity of the situation that is Saskatoon, here's a picture of my backyard yesterday. About a knee's worth of snow at the deepest part. Nothing to sneeze at, clearly, especially when the Spaniard is in Japan and I'm stuck here with the snow shovel. Still, nothing too bad.

And here it is today. I could barely get the door open for all the snow that's blown in from Alberta (or possibly B.C. - hey, with global warming, anything's possible..). The highest bit of the snowdrift is up to my waist.

Nana can't remember the last time they closed the schools because of snow. Mom maintains that Prairiestock are just tougher than Islandfolk and, therefore, can make it to school, regardless of the snow. But it looks like even the native Saskatchistanis couldn't believe the blizzard that hit today.

As for me, I'm stuck in my basement, windows all covered with snow. Sure, I'm little stir crazy, but I'm still riding the high of vindication. Oh yes, vindication, my friends, because they all told me that I'd never get a snow day in Saskatoon. Mmm mmm... vindication tastes like hot chocolate on a snow day...

On a rather ranty aside, my neighbours have been doing the same load of laundry for 5 days. I put my basket of clothes on the dryer 2 days ago. Still no movement. This new cabin fever may have dire consequences for their delicates...

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