Friday, April 22, 2011

it's all over but the cleaning

Today's soundtrack:
The Cleaning SkipMix

And then suddenly, it's real. The movers came yesterday and loaded everything, we're living out of our half-packed bags, and we slept on an air mattress last night (Thanks John!). The chaos we've been living in for the past two months has changed into monk-like simplicity. We are bravely facing life spoonless, tableless, and internetless.

Well, maybe we're not so bravely facing that last one. Hence this hectic and not at all coherent post. Everything must get done before the 5pm Shaw deadline and we're sent back into 1991.

Everyone seems keen to send us off to Scotland right. Yesterday, the moderators of CID started a thread of Canadian goodness (Rav Link) to send us on our way. They know full well I'm not leaving the group, but they still felt compelled to send me off right (unlike the Canucks, who are apparently compelled to send me off wrong)... although this likely has something to do with my soon-to-be proximity to Scottish yarns, wools, and tweeds. And tonight there'll be an iLab party to send Miguel off in style, which means that by 3am he'll likely be shouting "Exterminate!" at all and sundry. Apologies in advance.

In all, I'm pretty happy, excited, and even a little relaxed about the move. The only thing that is bothering me is the internet. Our internet won't be set up in Scotland until May 4th, but, for those of you keeping score, the Canadian election is on May 2nd. The only free internet access is at the public library, open a sparse few hours a week. So, if anyone knows of a reputable, fast carrier pigeon, I'm all ears.

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  1. Wishing you well and I hope you visit many sheep farms & wool mills.