Friday, April 10, 2009

are you now...

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So I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately. Something to do with my upcoming comps. But every once and a while, I feel like I should crawl out from under my rock to see what's happening in the world. And then I see something like this that makes me want to crawl right back under. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest McCarthy incarnation, as reported by today's Huffington Post:

Not too long ago, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was on Hardball, calling for the media to investigate her Congressional colleagues to "find out if they are pro-America or anti-America." Well, it turns out that someone has taken up Bachmann's call on a proactive basis! His name is Spencer Bachus and he has made a list -- a secret list! -- of the socialists in the House of Representatives. Or so he told the Birmingham News. Who are the seventeen socialists? That's the secret part, apparently.

From The Hill's Briefing Room:

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) puts the number of socialists in the House at 17.

"Some of the men and women I work with in Congress are socialists," Bachus told local government leaders on Thursday, according to the Birmingham News.

Bachus gave the specific number of House socialists when pressed later by a reporter.

Run! Hide! The socialist menace is upon us! Won't somebody think of the children?!

And back under my rock I go.

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  1. I like living under my rock... Nothing to bother me there... No depressing news stories about how the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. I like my rock.