Friday, March 02, 2007

"this is the end, beautiful friend..."

Today's soundtrack:
The Crane Wife and Picaresque by the Decemberists

After I treated the third floor of the north wing of the library to a rendition of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind," I decided it was time to go home. So I bundled up and set out into the oddest snowfall I've seen in a while. The snowflakes weren't flakes. Translucent, but not like those ice crystals that sting. So I sauntered home (as it wasn't too cold, I could take my precious time) listening to the Decemberists and admiring the 9pm rose sky. Felt very calm. Eerily calm. Waiting for the other shoe to drop calm.

By 1130pm, it dropped with a thud and I began my last batch of thesis revisions. At 4am (almost on the dot), I printed out my abstract and monster-paperclipped the Thesis together.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you three years of my life:

Also, furthering my belief that the Ph.D comic guy has a camera in my office, here's a peak into my (currently shattered) pysche:

If you can name the song and artist in the title of this blog, I'll buy you a beer this weekend. If you can name the movie that made it popular, I just might splurge for a pitcher. Bonus keener points if you can name the book and author that inspired the movie.

Ah, the sweet stench of geekiness...

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  1. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very important day of our lives!

    Ahora... a por la otra!