Friday, November 11, 2011


Today's soundtrack:
"Fantasia on Christmas Carols" by Vaughan Williams

Finally, after years of living in basement apartments and dorms, Miguel and I had a proper Hallowe'en.  Miguel bought candy, which I thoroughly tested for quality control.  I bought pumpkins, which gave Miguel the chance to carve his first jack-o-lantern.

Miguel's Jack-o-lantern 

Being more than a novice at the pumpkin carving, I opted for a more difficult pattern.

My Jack-o-lantern

Sure, we may have only had 4 kids come to the door, but those kids left pretty damned pleased with the buckets of candy we poured into their bags.  And they promised to be back next year, so we'll have to buy about double the candy.  For quality control and all.

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  1. I too was quality control. Fortunately, I bought for about 2x the number of kids that we actually had come to the door. (So we had enough) Unfortunately, I was quality control... Ugh... I'm done with chocolate until next Hallowe'en!