Wednesday, September 28, 2011

possibly ahead of schedule

Today's soundtrack:
"Homeboy" by King Creosote
"Mis-Shapes" by Pulp
"Ugly" by Age of Electric
"Thug" by The Tragically Hip

Yes, I've been rather negligent in the blogging lately.  I've had a busy few weeks of conferences and traveling.  Visited Chawton and, in typical brilliant fashion, forgot to take my camera out of my backpack.  I also didn't get any time to see London, save for the Underground between Euston and Waterloo.  It's an excuse to take the sleeper train again, although it means that I have no new UK photos for you.

I do, however, have knitting.  Go on, try to act surprised.  At the moment, I've nearly finished my Christmas knitting for the nephews, as well as knitting for Carmen and Galian's wee one, but in order to keep the surprise from all the various parents, no photos here.  Instead, here's the latest sock project.  Technically, these socks are part of Miguel's Christmas present, but it's a little impossible to hide the project when I knit while we watch TV at night.

Striped Socks from The Lux Knitting Book (1942) using Cascade Heritage Sock in 5626 (Turquoise) and 5609 (Bark). 2.25mm needles.  Ravelled here.

I found this pattern the other year in Nana's stash of knitting books and pamphlets.  The book, which has seen better days but clearly has been well-used, belonged to my great-grandmother, who used the baby clothes patterns when she knitted for overseas children during WWII.  I don't think she ever made these socks, however, because there are no notes on the pattern.

Anyway, when I saw the fantastic slipped-stitch striped pattern, I knew these socks must be in the same colours as the Tenth Doctor's suit.  The overall effect is pretty subtle, much like Miguel's Tardis socks, rather than a ridiculously over-the-top homage to Doctor Who like, say, my Fourth Doctor Scarf.

Yeah.  I might need to get out more.

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  1. I may have to order a pair of Tardis socks for myself.. :) Love home-knitted woolen socks!