Monday, July 11, 2011

more rambling about crail

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"Oh My Heart" by Jenn Grant

Yesterday Miguel and I walked the six miles back and forth to Crail. I've walked into Crail a few times now, but I've always managed to forget to tour around the town beyond the harbour. Of particular interest to me was Crail's mercat cross, which is a uniquely Scottish marker which denoted where trade, proclamations, and executions traditionally occurred... although ideally not at the same time.

Crail's market square was once the largest in Europe, according to Undiscovered Scotland. The main road now runs through the main square and a boulevard of trees, so it takes a bit of imagination to see the square now. And you'll need even more imagination, as I forgot to take a photo.

On the west end of the square is the Crail Tollbooth, the belfry of which was apparently brought over from the Netherlands. The Dutch influence on the East Neuk is perhaps most visible in Crail (the windmill in St. Monan's aside).

On the east end of the square is the Crail Parish Church, parts of which date back to 1160. All that would make this church more charming would be folks wandering about in Regency dress, just like in Sense and Sensibility.

I was hoping to get into the church to see the stone slab from the 900s, but it was all locked up for the day. Instead, Miguel and I walked back to The Honeypot for lunch, before heading back through the harbour and on home to Cellardyke. All in all, a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon.

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