Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rain, rain, go away...

Today's soundtrack:
"Lose It" by Austra
"Reunion" by Papermaps
"Everything Works" by Miracle Fortress
"Beat Drops" by Cherina and Davina

After two days of scampering across isles and Edinburgh, our Dutch guests opted for a quieter day today. We decided to go on the 3 mile walk along the Fife Coastal Path to Crail, albeit leisurely.

Out on the path today were wee piglets,

cows and calves (and sheep in the background),

and monkeys.

We also spotted a kestrel hovering near the cows, a (we think) yellowhammer along the way,

and a fulmar nestled in the cliffs by the old fort in Crail.

That ominous grey sky followed us all the way to Crail. When we were no more than 3 minutes away from the village, the skies opened up. By the time we got to Julias for lunch, we were soaked. After the rain passed and our appetites were sated, we wandered up to the old fort and down to the harbour...

before being forced to take cover from another rain shower. In the harbour, there were more neatly-piled lobster traps. These seem to be a favourite subject of mine of late...

... although this is my favourite shot of the day.

Rather than chancing getting caught in yet another shower, we jumped on the bus bound for sunny Cellardyke, where cold Coronas with lime eagerly awaited us.


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