Saturday, March 05, 2011

where we're going, i don't know

Today's soundtrack:
"I'll Bring The Sun" by Jason Collett
"Let's Talk" by Hannah Georgas
"Be Who U-R" by Underground Realroad feat. Miss Tee
"Procrastinator's Fight Song" by Shout Out Out Out Out
"Camilo (The Magician)" by Said the Whale
"Change of Season" by Sweet Thing

Miguel and I have now moved into what can only be described as a pre-acclimatizing acclimatizing mode. We're watching YouTube clips of Burnistoun and listening to BBC Radio Scotland in order to get used to the accent. This has been more or less successful, in that I can now do a pretty hilarious version of a very bad Scottish accent, and Miguel has no idea what anyone is saying. "Is that still English?" is a common refrain, especially when we're listening to the samples of Scots on But in all fairness to Miguel, Scots isn't English, which I'm sure would be reassuring if he could understand the Scottish English accent.

Part two of our pre-acclimatizing acclimatizing is watching movies set in Scotland. The list of to-be-watched movies currently consists of 39 Steps, Local Hero, Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Chariots of Fire, and The Winter Guest. I've seen half of these movies already, due many to a sizeable Ewan McGregor obsession I was afflicted with as a teenager. I'm a little hesitant at watching The Winter Guest again, as it's a quite bleak and wintery portrait of the area we're likely to be moving to (East Neuk). Miguel might mutiny and start to rethink this whole Scotland adventure.

So, gentle readers, can you suggest any other films or TV shows that we should be watching in order to prepare ourselves for life in East Fife (I'm looking at you, Lady J)?

Although, with all this preparing that we're doing for Scotland... is Scotland ready for us? A snapshot from not five minutes ago: I was explaining how CBC Radio 3 works to Miguel. Shout Out Out Out Out's "Procrastinator's Fight Song" was playing. In summing up how the system works, I turn to Miguel and say "so, basically, we're hipsters," at which point we break into our imitation hipster dancing (well, technically chairdancing. Turns out we're lazy hipsters that can't be bothered to stand when dancing). After a minute, Miguel turns to me and says "I really hope no one is recording this".

Are you ready for us pseudo-hipster, quasi-intellectual expats, Fife?


  1. 'Shallow Grave' is a great movie.

  2. Hmm, I shall have to dedicate some serious research to this matter. Will get back to you with results soon!

  3. Came across a good website that mentions Scottish actors and a few films you might be interested in: