Wednesday, April 09, 2008

sock it to me.

Today's soundtrack:
The National

I did it. I knit a sock. I finally figured out, with the help of the folk, how to properly use double-pointed needles so that my socks weren't doing this bizarre inside-out thing. Long story short, I turned the heel, picked up stitches, gusseted and kitchenered my way to my first ever sock.

Oooh I really like knitting socks rather than afghans. The near instant gratification appeals to my near absence of patience. Woot!

I would give you proof, but the Spaniard has the camera in Florence. And if he doesn't come back with a memory card full of hot Italians and the Duomo, then he's going to lose all camera privileges.

Anyway, I knit the first of two socks out of the leftover wool from the legwarmer project. But after this wool is gone (which it will be very, very soon), then I have no more sock yarns in the stash. Gasp! So, I did the only logical thing and ordered a lovely set of dpns from so that I am completely prepared. Next, when I'm done in Regina and out in the 'Mo next, I'll raid the local lys's sock yarn supply. After all, who doesn't love homemade socks? Snort.

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