Wednesday, June 13, 2007

and now back to your regular scheduled programming

Today's soundtrack:
The Joshua Tree by U2

Just a quick note that the other half of the Edwardian Sisterhood (est. 2003 in Florence, Italy at a hatstand) now has a blog!

I should update. I know. Something about horchatas in Valencia. My facebook page is up-to-date, but the blog suffers. Not for much longer, though. I have to write the other half of my Sterne paper, then back to business (re: procrastination) as usual.

Of course, the whole lack of updating could really just be a symptom of my quasi-hibernation which seems to have re-erupted in time for summer. My avoidance of people in the real world has translated into avoidance of people in the internet world.

But back to Arrested Development.

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  1. The hatstand misses you. Thanks for the nod, Lady K!