Saturday, April 28, 2007

a spanish update, but not in spanish

So we've spent the past week not doing too much. Miguel has been taking me around to visit friends and family, but so far no extreme shopping. That will all change this afternoon, however. The Dutch Girls (hereafter, DGs) are in town and want to ir a compras. Well, who am I to argue? Poor Miguel - out-estrogened again.

I'm having difficulty finding something witty to write as not a lot has happened yet. We're having a very relaxed vacation - maybe even too relaxed. I think we're heading to Alcalá tomorrow to see Cervantes' house (pero no es). I think we're going to get to Segovia sometime this week as well in order to see the cathedral, but there's nothing in those frescos but a bunch of sausages (jaja).

En fin, time to find comida (I think I've spent this whole time eating) with the DGs.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I'll try to phone tomorrow.. or tonight.. these time changes are destroying my already weak math skills.

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