Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Of Miguel, Bikes and Saskatoon

Some of you know it already… I bought a bike! I’m so happy! It is a premium bike. I had been looking for a while and I wanted a bike that I could bring back to Canada, so I bought a foldable bike. Foldable as in small enough that you can put it in a suitcase, but don’t think it is small enough that you can carry it folded in the bus everyday. It is still pretty heavy. Anyway, here’s the picture!

The good thing about it is that it won’t take any space in our basement, and I will be able to store it inside its bag. Perfect for the Saskatoon winter. I put some objects in the photo so you can see how small it is. I also uploaded other pictures in my picasa web album, including how it looks when unfolded. I must say that they sell smaller ones, but those were a little too small for me, and I couldn’t sit comfortably high, so I took this one.

In my way to the place where I bought it, I took this picture. I think it must have been a good sign.

If you don’t see anything strange, look closer. No? Well, it’s Saskatoon on the big tv’s! In the biggest store of the second largest city of Japan (a store the size of 5 centre malls)! And it was not the only one. Photos were prohibited, though, and I couldn’t take any more. Maybe Canada is indeed the center of the world. Certainly, the world is way too small; some of you don’t know that last week I met someone here that is from Nanaimo.

To finish this blog, I have to tell you all that I finally found the salt. I had to comb the store, but I did it. I feel on top of the world!!

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